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Przygotowanie do zmiany przepisów gry

Podczas Kongresu FIDE w Baku mogą zostać przegłosowane zmiany w przepisach gry. FIDE przygotowuje się do tego zbierając propozycje zmian i informacje o stosowanych odstępstwach w federacjach od przepisów FIDE.
Szczegóły na stronie Komisji przepisów gry.
Rules Commission Project
As 2016 is a year where the Laws of Chess may be amended, the Rules Commission is seeking the assistance of national federations to understand potential differences between local/national rules governing non-FIDE rated chess games and the FIDE Laws of Chess.
As such the Rules Commission is requesting the following responses from national chess federations:
  1. Does your national chess federation utilize separate or modified rules governing chess games not rated by FIDE? (Yes or No)
  2. If so please provide the Rules Commission with an electronic copy of these rules along with a document outlining the differences.
We request to have this documents no later than 28.February.2016
Please provided the requested documents to the Secretary of the FIDE Rules Commission, Sevan A. Muradian ( sevan@chessiq.com)
We thank all national federations for your cooperation with this project.
Amendment Period for the FIDE Laws of Chess
At the 87th Congress to be held in Baku in 2016, the FIDE Rules Commission along with arbiters, organizers, players, trainers and national federations globally will have the opportunity to amend the FIDE Laws of Chess.
This process is a vital one to ensure the Laws are written as clearly and accurately as possible to ensure uniform understanding by the chess world. As such certain changes in the procedures for reviewing changes will take place prior and before the upcoming Congress to ensure the review is performed in an orderly fashion.
The deadlines for requests for changes are as follows:
  • 17.June.2016 for a draft copy of the request;
  • 1.August.2016 for a final copy of the request;
To submit a request please download, complete and return the following form:Form_LoC_Change_Request.docx
Please return the form to the Secretary of the FIDE Rules Commission, Sevan A. Muradian ( sevan@chessiq.com)
All forms must be submitted in English.
Jednym z członków Komisji jest prezes PZSzach IM Tomasz Delega.

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